Still Alive

Playing in the park eating the brains out of this little boys head with infinite stories on how every now and then she discovers numerous different worlds by simply moving in an old clock or a cabinet and so on..
only seven years old he assumed she had mystical powers on seeing things that no one could ever comprehend.
o’ how she wouldn’t stop blabbering on about her findings to the boy until a young girls gaze caught her attention.
the girl smoking her lungs out,was dressed in grey,had dark brown eyes just like hers and looked as if she had been watching her for hours.
bloody tears fell from the girls eyes and with one simple blink of an eye she had vanished.
The little girl thought to herself she needn’t worry,she came across scary things like that all the time and always knew that the only trouble they could cause were simple nightmares.


Photo by : Saba Safi


همین روزا بود دیگه فرزاد حالش بد بود جلو مترو سیگار میکشید

من بالا پشت بوم سرسره بازی میکردم

سوسکه اومد نشست رو شونم بال زد رفت

A glimpse of happy

I’m beginning to get out of depression which has haunted me severely in the past few years, I couldn’t communicate that well with people the stupid old daily conversations were meaningless to me simple hellos and goodbyes got on my nerve, but now I try to meet new people I still don’t really want to ask the clichés I don’t really care what their job is what they are majoring in or shit like that but they seem to give out the information anyway and so I listen . I mostly like to observe the way people try so hard to introduce themselves the first few times u meet them in the way they want to be introduced and how they always turn to be so different from what they show.. but i don’t care as much as I did  before and that makes me happy  .


Illustration by :Saba Safi

Cherry Blossom Petal Lie

His eyes upon me i felt a glimpse of worry those weary eyes which were mostly meant to show rage had now calmed into a forest of yellow .
I looked into them my cherry blossom petal lie fell on his shoulder sat there with its weight not to be felt not to be tender but to be replaced with destruction .

barcodeillustration by : Saba Safi


Sometimes everything gets rough,and you cant let go its as if you are attached to the trouble and its turned into a precious object you posses,you just cant imagine living without it. i was thinking about this while watching the anime くらげの食堂( Jellyfish Restaurant)…when the trouble continues for a long period of time it starts rooting in your body and plants itself there you get to the point where  forgetting is no longer doable no longer a choice , you need to wash your brain in order to get rid of it . i wish i could end up in a village near the ocean far away from this land,lose my memory and just start all over again.                                                  shell

illustration by : Saba safi

Simply before now

I used the word ”simply” for how everything changes that way most of it isn’t even our choice, you see life should be as uncomplicated and simple as time, time passes by without worrying about anything or anyone it doesn’t even ask permission to do so and i couldn’t help thinking about that freedom when i was going through old photos all taken simply before i was born in a city i live now Tehran 2016.